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Monday, June 4, 2007

Wedding Pictures of Erick and Gail

Unity coins are getting more stylish and more "sosyal" nowadays. The days when we used our lola's old coins for our ahrae were numbered.

Captivating smile... Expressive Eyes... What more can u ask for?

Look ma, no hands!!! (illusion of rings floating in the air...)

Erick and Gail check-in at the Makati Shangri-la for their dressing to get a beautiful shot at the stairway...

Erick getting ready for the big day!!!

While waiting for the ride.....

Spectacular shot before the bridal march.....

"All eyes are on the gorgeous bride, Gail"

"I want to see the light!"

"I'm so tired, I want to sleep!"

The crying ladies....hu hu hu!

"I want to grow old with you!"

"Fernwood chapel never looked this good!"

"The kiss that launched a thousand ships"

This is wacky!!!

"Don't give me a lick, just a kiss"

Tears of happiness...

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