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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Personal :)

We decided to place some personal pics here at our blog :) I'll try to upload more of our pics para naman you'll get an idea of who we really are ;)

That's me (arny) and my honey... for those who don't know me... ako po yung girl :P Most of our clients mistake me of being a boy
again me and my honey... way way back... panahon pa ng hapon
me and my lovely sister, she's a manager at globe and my only sibling na hindi pumasok sa business. All of us in the family are into business mana kay mommy and daddy :D btw she's also single and available AHAHAHHAHA
again and again and again me and my honey na naman

tapos kami na naman!!! :P

Ako ako ako puro ako noh ahahaha Aldrin is not always in the picture coz he's the one taking those pics!!! hehehe

This is my bro, Aldrin and his lovely family :)

if you want to see more of our pics just click here ;)


christine ni nelson said...

hi sis arny,

ur xo pretty tlga.. =)

nextgen said...

ahahha naku magaling lang ang photographer and of course editor tsaka kapayatan pa ko nyan ngayon tabachuy na!