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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


To our valued clients,

Two weeks ago someone called us on our landline and asked for our number in our branch in south area... ahhhhh... ummmm wait we don't have any other branches aside from our MAIN STUDIO here at MALABON! I was a little puzzled but didn't really gave too much attention about it... then just this week my sis in law told us that 3 of her colleagues saw Nextgen photography somewhere in alabang and was asking if we already have a branch there. The same day a client of ours went to our studio and told us that his friend booked nextgen photography.... huh?!
I just checked the site of SEC (Security of Exchange and Commission) and tried to look if there's another studio registered with the same name and this was the result. Our name NEXTGEN digital studio is 3rd on the list and we didn't found any nextgen photography or any business similar to our field..... HMMMmmmmm I think we better look into this..... maybe they didn't know we already exist ahahahaha

And if your really looking for us NEXTGEN DIGITAL STUDIO. You'll just need to look for Aldrin and Arnold my identical brothers hehehe both bald and handsome (the identical twins is just a joke :P ) and look for the pretty girl with the CHUBBY CHEEKS (kinda look like jollibee hehehe) and thats me Arny :)

Please spread the news ;)