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Monday, January 7, 2008

Our wedding pics - Eric & Arny

Our ring and cord



Flower carts for our flower girls

our very memorable toasting flutes... bigay yan ni tatay :)

Doing my hair AGAIN - nabasa kasi sa shower :P i was supposed to clean my feet eh nakalimutan pala yung nozzle ng shower kaya ayun parang naligo ulit ako :P hayyy bloopers hehehe

This time sigurista na ko alcohol na lang pinanlinis ko ng paa ko :P


My super Overly poging husband ;)

Pica Pica at the Pier, just before the boat ride...

Dimsum, Taco chips and Drinks were served during the pica pica... we also gave out native pamaypays kasi super init sa lugar

Grabe Ubos agad yung sineserve hindi na umabot sa high tables hehehe

our boat ride...going to the island

personalized table napkins

Hayyy eto a ang isang bloopers... notice our cake 2 layers ang missing!!!! and our cake topper which is supposed to be a caricature of us ayun putol putol na sa gilid huhuhu nung nakita ko putol na ang ulo at ang mata naka luwa na hahahaha

hmmm yummy pero ako hindi kumakain nito ahahaha
Our Band- Lightwall


First Kiss - Nanay Ed and Papa Mike

Need I say more??? hahaha parang ang hirap gayahin ah :P

with matching facial reaction and sound effects yan!

This is the dance number from my cute pamangkins! :) super dami ng natuwa sa knila... thanks to edel na nagturo sa mga kids sumayaw ang cute cute!!!!! The song was LOVE from Nat king Cole - a bit interpretative kaya super nice ;)

It was such a surprise to see Adrian (the youngest among my four pamangkins) dancing... all through out kasi ng wedding namin may sumpong sya... but the moment he heard the song ayun biglang sumayaw! and it such a perfect sight ;)

Bachelors Game - the idea of the game was to ask each bachelor what's their favorite drink... then during that time someone is already preparing their drink sa baby feeding bottles.

This one is Rommie and Stoeker favorite drink nila is soda and coffee
Chris our best man chose beer- wow sandali lang ubos na nya ;)

mars n owel - milk ata pinili nila... owel was such a genius, rule kasi is last to finish-wins... ang style nya ayaw nyang mauna ayaw din nyang mahuli wais hehehe baka nga naman may twist diba

Trip to Jerusalem with a twist.... what a very LUCKY GUY!

Ubos na ang makeup at hindi na curly ang hair :P

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